This week I was joined by young Georgia born TV writer, J’zon Azari. J’Zon currently writes for series on TNT and USA currently . I wanted to speak to...View Details

This week I revisit a classic episode I did with repeat guest Stretch Green. This time I bring another NY native, self proclaimed the Perspective Bull...View Details

Bro Be Nice

This week was another live episode I am giving you my take on a few current events that have women up in arms in the best of ways. I give a message of...View Details

This week I have returning guest Brother Jaraad aka WiseOne . He is spiritually proclaimed "Muse Maker" researching and distributing information speci...View Details

This week Bennierosevelt joins me again this time he had something to say about the current opinions of his most recent viral work. We speak about the...View Details

This week I featured a woman of many talents. Aishat Oduola-Owoo is ,entrepreneur, film maker, podcaster, poet, and occasional hair stylist. She is al...View Details

This week I spoke to entertainment journalist, Spelman alumnae, and senior correspondent for BlackTreeTv , Jaleesa Lashay. We spoke on her views of th...View Details

This week is the last few days of Black History Month and we were blessed with a historical motion picture. Marvel's Black Panther. I called on the ge...View Details

This week I had on CAU alum and Curator,Arts professional, Faron Maunuel . We speak on the current events of today and we inquire is this an unprecede...View Details

This week I featured a returning guest law student and CAU alumna, Alexa Heard, @classiclyours. I brought her on to speak on the great women of the pa...View Details

We Built This

This week I was back on InstaLive, with the best guest the listeners. Introducing my series of BHM episodes, with a bold proclamation of We as in Afri...View Details

This week I featured a great friend of mine Taylor Crenshaw, PR professional & CAU Alumna, to sit with me and build on the very nuanced topic of t...View Details

Single Living

This week I was inspired by the 90s classic "Living Single" now available for streaming on Hulu. I highlighted the unique personalities portrayed as w...View Details

1st Episode of the year and I have the last resolution that you will ever make. I speak on my culture predictions that could occur this year. My Simpl...View Details

This week I bring back a great guest and rising influencer Ty Coleman, follow her everywhere @tyistyping, who was featured on my "Death to Situationsh...View Details

Special Delivery this week is a topic that everyone should be paying attention to and make themselves aware. Libya slave trade but also Global modern ...View Details

Protecting your peace was the topic brought to me by the eloquent alumna of CAU Sydney Coffee, here what we had to say about the unknown quarter life ...View Details

This week I dropped a day late but its still a great treat. I got one of the founders for the viral clothing brand God is Dope, Virgil Stanford, 22 ye...View Details

In My Zone

1 month away but I am back with a great episode. This week I speak about the "Comfort Zone" a popular psychological state that we have our own definit...View Details

This week is another podcast collab with the ladies of the "I Can Relate Podcast" with Jahda and Domo. Two AUC alums bringing you relatable content fr...View Details

A year of after "A seat at the Table" and it still slaps, I am saying now that this is the "Whats Going On" of my generation. Solange's melodic, soulf...View Details

This week's Special Delivery had a theme of relationships as a whole. Kevin Hart's cheating fiasco, my review of HBO's Insecure 2 finale, and my opini...View Details

This week marks two years of podcasting and I am feeling great to be able to find a medium that comes so natural to me. I spoke on my purpose, milesto...View Details

Laugh More ft. T White

This week was a pleasant surprise, future notable Clark Atlanta Alum and Stand-Up Comedian Terrance White (@twhite_123) joined me. We discussed the in...View Details

This week I featured an upcoming artist by the name of Malik Curtis better know as Juice Lord, native to St. Paul, MN. I met him while he was in high ...View Details

In the words of Toni Morrison, "What are you without racism", this is a special delivery my own News Flash that I can't help but to contribute my 2 pe...View Details

This week I featured Cole Johnson the host of the ColeSportz podcast . Sports nerd extraordinaire, Cole Johnson, guides you through the different comp...View Details

This week I feature a Nigerian writer, photographer, journalist,& published author Edikan Hanson, (A-Dee-Can). We unpacked several commonalities o...View Details

This week I had no choice but to theme my episode around one of the most popular shows on television. I unpacked the complexity of emotions post break...View Details

This week is a heavy one, I asked the talented artist, poet, and life learner Vei to assist me with this very crucial topic. Self Love is something we...View Details

This week i was inspired to make Jay-Z's latest project "4:44" as the theme. I spoke on powerful elements of the album as well as unpacked the familia...View Details

Today I sat down with Demario Dunson, it's Pride weekend in Chicago and coincidentally I booked him the same weekend to be on the show. We spoke on th...View Details

This week on Simply King, I have the local Chicago blogger and cultural enthusiast , Taylor Justin. She is a native to the midwest and her platform Th...View Details

Black Aesthetic Redux

This week marks my 50th episode, so I decided to revisit my pilot episode "The Black Aesthetic". I was heavily inspired by Marvel's Black Panther trai...View Details

Expressions By King

This week I shared how much of an expressive guy I am and introduce a new themed episode titled Expressions by King or Expressions by Him. I spoke on ...View Details

This week on Simply King I featured my long time friend and viral photographer Bennierosevelt, say it all no abbreviations, we spoke on several aspect...View Details

This week I reached back to my alma mater for this topic. Domo Sims, a published student journalist, gave me her opinion on the state of journalism to...View Details

Off of hiatus and I am so inspired by Kendrick Lamar's latest album "Damn". It is also Spring which brings this sense of cleaning and renewing in the ...View Details

Last day of Women's History Month, I have been on a wave of producing women centric content. The best way to end this series of episode was to feature...View Details

This week I had to get on my soapbox and speak to men about setting our privilege not only to the side but making it a thing of the past. I explained ...View Details

This week I featured Corey Fells, a Milwaukee photographer, that completed a campaign that is a tribute to his mother as well as a piece of work that ...View Details

This week I featured a millennial independent blogger that I connected with through Twitter, Sydnei Jarman (@syddarling). She reached out to me to hav...View Details

This week I featured Kendell Greer, a young black millennial who I thought was perfect on a conversation on the the connotation of being "a black guy ...View Details

This week I thought to wrap up Black History Month with a conversation on unfamiliar black history facts. I had to ask my friend and first guest to th...View Details

The new viral video #Hurtbae featuring two AUC alums inspired me to have a deep conversation on black love and relationships. Ty Coleman (@tyistyping ...View Details

Go Back To Africa

This week I dive deep on the mistreatment of immigrants since the founding of this country. Debunking the idea of American Dream that has been promote...View Details

This week on Simply King I featured an amazing creative by the name of Fennella Like Whoa. A Sierra Leone American, alumnae of the great Spelman Colle...View Details

How To Resist

This week I give tips I collected on how to be apart of the new Resist Trump movement. No matter who you are you can be apart in your own way, I split...View Details

This is a vital message explaining what Microagressions are and how they affect us everyday. I referenced Psychology Today to give examples of common ...View Details

This week I featured RK Jackson a true creative using his skills promote his own personal brand and visual marketing consulting business. I spoke to R...View Details

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