Just 4 Me ft. Vei

This week I have on my most featured and favorite guest Vei, poet/artist/creative. We always come together to make something that we know people need ...View Details

I'm off hiatus, My first guest back is writer/publicist extraordinaire J'zon Azari . We chopped it up about the value of the Oscars, Tyler Perry's wri...View Details

End of an Era

This week is my last episode for the year, I will be on hiatus until February. I discuss cultural events from 2009 to now which is stretch to most but...View Details

This week I have on filmmaker and activist, St. Clair Detrick-Jules, to talk about her current project soon to be released "Dear Khloe". A beautiful s...View Details

This week I had the pleasure of featuring on my former guest's new podcast ,A Safe Space with Edikan Hanson. Edikan is a Nigerian writer and poet curr...View Details

Tell My Story Right!!

This week I spoke on the impact of biopic films centering black public figures. This episode was inspired about the release and controversy around "Ha...View Details

This week I have returning guest podcaster, public speaker, and entrepreneur Aishat Oduola-Owoo. She first featured on episode titled after her podcas...View Details

Jesus is My Name

This week I speak towards which I plan to be the last time I speak on this man but Kanye has took over the news yet again and I express what I feel ab...View Details

Applied Pressure ft. Ola

This week I have on artist known as Ola, Clark Atlanta Alum, Jersey Native, and quintessential all around artist musician, actor, dancer and videograp...View Details

Relationship Hacks Vol. 1

This week I speak about the infamous "cuffing season" and why its time to put the season to rest, let's love all year or keep our love to self whateve...View Details

This week is a Special Delivery episode I speak towards the Botham Jean Trial and Black forgiveness and I give my take of the best Hot sauce  Listen e...View Details

This week I have on long time friend and one of my favorite Spelman alumnae Bria Henderson, actress/poet/singer. We both share our appreciation for th...View Details

This week to the day September 12th, makes Simply King Podcast 4 years old. I speak about lessons learned creatively and personally, celebrate with me...View Details

This week I featured Keitravis Squire, ATL based photographer and filmmaker, to join me to speak on his passion for film and television as an artform....View Details

August 2019 we must commemorate the first 20-30 West Africans who were forced into perpetual bondage this month in 1619. Peabody award recipient and M...View Details

This week I present a special episode of Simply King podcast, I was happily asked to join Cole Johnson on his Revelations Podcast.  Cole sits down to ...View Details

This week I have on good friend and classmate, Rita-Ashley Cunningham, Entrepreneur and Self-taught pastry chef. I really wanted to praise and love on...View Details

This week I have on my truest of day 1s, playlist curator, and CAU alumna Jenese Brewer. I brought Jenese to have a overall discussion about the state...View Details

This week I have Taylor Crenshaw returning to speak more on the "Rules we Create" by speaking towards the new mood for the summer coined by the hottes...View Details

Cucumbers & Blue Bell

This week I introduce my new format:  - Twitter Check In  - Praise Em' Shoutouts  -The Topic/Convo  - Ask King - Send it On  The topic should be obvio...View Details

The Blocks of Life

 Been away because of those irritable creative blocks so, in the act of being optimistic why not make a negative a positive and create content on the ...View Details

This week I have Nisan Joseph, songwriter and musician, to talk to me about the current state of R&B as a genre, he has a wealth of knowledge and ...View Details

This week I asked another CAU alum to join me, my school just produces greatness, Alycia Attaway travel blogger and professional woman. I wanted to br...View Details

This week i speak with former performer, filmmaker, and CAU Alum Justin Tuitt. Because Mrs. Carter dropped an inspired BTS documentary about her and e...View Details

Damn Skinfolks

This week I'm back with a quick evergreen episode. I wanted to set the record straight on how to approach people who share your race but don't share t...View Details

Separate ?

This week I give my take on the highly debated philosophical question of " Should we Separate the art from the artist ? " My girl inspired this topic ...View Details

This week I have a listener turned guest, Lawrence “Juice” Pierce . A Delaware native, dancer, aspiring actor, upcoming content collaborator/creator, ...View Details

This week I sat with a new acquaintance by the name of Nate Smyth. Nate is a teacher in the inner city of Chicago where he usually teaches science to ...View Details

When I Get Right ft. Vei

This week I featured a favorite of Simply King, the poetess Vei. We unpacked another worthy topic of recognizing your potential, challenging your beli...View Details

What’s Reality ??

This week I ask a simple question, How does media distort reality ? Our news comes with more than just facts. With the emergence of phrases like fake ...View Details

This week on Simply King, It is a self help episode speaking towards anxiety. I speak about how I became aware of where the root of my anxiety comes f...View Details

Black Love:1890 to Now

Episode 101 back off of hiatus. It is the first full week of Black History Month and I wanted to honor those that have paved the way on taking you all...View Details

Welcome to Podbean.com. With Podbean, you can create professional podcasts in minutes without any programming knowledge. Our user-friendly interface a...View Details

Episode 100!!, I was fortunate to have a great conversation with super Creative Will Banks. A proud Memphis native with so many slashes he could be a ...View Details

This week is a special episode, its the end of the year and its time to pickup better habits, specifically men's grooming habits. Many men are leaning...View Details

This week i collaborated with my good friend Jacob Sandoval and B-boy Omar of the Underground Culture Podcast. We reunited to talk about Grammy Nomina...View Details

This week my guest is Keyana Alicia a Chicago native that is a photographer, media curator, and VP of Etc. Social. Keyana's perspective on dating &amp...View Details

Happy Belated Thanksgiving to all. This week I featured a great acquaintance of mine, social media influencer, model, and self-care advocate , Loren B...View Details

This week I have a Georgia native now a Chicago transplant, Donte Thrasher. He is a young educator teaching at a charter school on the Southside. We d...View Details

Being The Best Belle.

This is a special one with a human that I am a big fan of, She goes by Belle. She is a social work professional by day and yoga enthusiast . We spoke ...View Details


This week I address my thoughts on the election and I present the concept that to be American is to be in constant conflict with your own moral compas...View Details

In a collaborative episode with The Simply King Podcast, we sit down with Rodney Perry aka King to discuss race. From the idea that white men set the ...View Details

This week I joined forces with Michelle and Shelley of the Black Esquire Podcast to talk about a topic that is very necessary for all creatives who as...View Details

I was asked to join a panel of millennials to speak on dating and relationships by the incomparable Dirrick Butler great video podcast speaking to so ...View Details

This week I bring a special delivery about a hot topic that took over Twitter this past weekend. I give my stance the announcement that a white woman ...View Details

Cancelled By The Culture

This week I come back on a topic that has been recurring all year and that’s “ Cancel Culture “ . I unpacked the various stances on the cancellation o...View Details

This week I am back from a 3 month long hiatus, to introduce my 3 year anniversary. I talk about why the hiatus was so long and also whats to come of ...View Details

This week I have Tikoshia Davis a holistic business coach who specializes in teaching entrepreneurs how to build a sustainable and profitable business...View Details

Freestyle Ep: NOLA 25

This week I traveled to New Orleans with some of my closest friends to celebrate my 25th birthday. I decided to include the whole gang: Ty and Stretch...View Details

Fuckboys ft. Kaya Nova

This week i have singer-songwriter producer, Kaya Nova, join me to talk about the nuances of the dreaded epidemic of "FuckBoys" . The Spelman alumna g...View Details

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